Friday, January 28, 2011

Bryan went hunting

Well Bryan left Thursday night to go hunting in West Texas with some of his friends(James Kaye, Galen, Log,) also Bryan's dad & nephew were going to drive up on Friday. Bryan rode up there with James. Me and the boys dropped Bryan off at James' house. The picture above is the view Bryan had when he called me. Phone service is few and far between up there, Bryan said you have to go up pretty high for it to work! So he sent me the picture so I could understand what he meant. I told him it was a very pretty picture. He also took my camera so I cant wait to see what other pictures he took! I would love to go up there and just drive around and look at everything!!!! Yesterday when he called James, Galen and Joseph had killed a ram!!!! Bryan hadn't killed anything yet he was looking for "as he would say" the perfect one". Haven't heard from his today so we will see when he gets home and see if he killed Anything!

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