Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick Babies

Thursday Day 1 of sick babies, Coughs, running noses, sneezing. Poor things! I was thinking it was just a cold! I got some medicine and tynl. Parker started with the runny nose and coughing I thought it was just his teeth. He's cutting two yr old teeth. I've noticed his cutting teeth alot faster then Jackson did.

Friday Day 2, Jackson started w running nose coughing and telling me he needed Vic's vapor rub, he say it on tv. And told me momma I need that bick's (vic's) for my chest! I remember my maw maw( my mom's mom) use to have bottles of that stuff all over her house! And use it all the time. It reminded me of her, Jackson also points his finger at me like she use too!!!! Boys are on breathing treatments and I'm hoping gets working

Saturday Day 3, We had to make a trip to Walmart in Edna to get some more milk & tynl. For both boys. Jackson was asking for a lunch-able and cheese puffs. So I got them for him he hadn't eaten much since Wednesday and neither had Parker so they both got one! They had them gone before I got out of Edna! Which for Thoses that don't know it's only 10miles from our house!

Sunday Day 4, Jackson woke up at 3:30am wanting something to watch like he does every morning I turned the tv on then looked to see what time it was! I saw 3:30am and told him it's still night night time well he was already asleep again! But was back up at 7:30am.. Asking to watch something. Today so far has been meds, breathing treatments and fluids neither one wants to eat much!!!! Looks like we will be going to see the Dr tomorrow, and Bryan has to work so I'll be taken then alone....

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