Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brinkley Rae

Miss B's First Pony Tail & Me n miss b waiting on My Dr.W!!! 
Miss Brinkley is 10months old now this year has gone so fast I can't believe she is going to be 1yr old on April 9th. Our princess diva is a very smart little girl, she's talking and trying to walk. She says Mama, Dada, bubba, baba(bottle) bye bye, and also waves bye bye.
Here are a few pics of miss B 
Miss B trying to drink out of Nana's wine glass. Hanging out in the She cave 
Cheesy baby 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A few views from Stay at home mom's

Being a stay at home mom has up and downs and in betweens. Ive asked a few of my stay at home mommy group friends a few questions and I would like to share with you what other moms have to say. Hope you enjoy reading, and if you can relate in anyway comment below..
The following where questions I asked them to answer.

1.What's your favorite part of being a stay at home mom?
2.What made you decide to be a stay at home mom?
3. How many kids do you have? what are their ages n gender?
4. Do your kids have playdates?
5. Do you have adult playdates?
6. Do you have a blog?
7. What's your favorite DIY project?
8. Where are you from
9. Do you use coupons

From KP: ( mom / aunt of 5 kids)

1. Being able to take care of my home without being tired from work I love a clean house,
and being able to be here for my kids and also I'm able to go to school functions.

2. I was able to stay at home because I was made a income from my small business.

3. 5 kids youngest to oldest 4, 7, 11, 14, 16

4. The 4 year old has a play date once a week.

5. Yes once a week I myself have time to myself, or my husband and I go to dinner and a movie

6. Yes I have a blog

7. Love painting and making furniture out of different objects

8. Originally from Houston, TX but grew up in Rockport TX

9. Yes we use some coupons but would really love to learn more about how we can save.

From AL:
1. Watching and being closely involved in my kids development. I get to see what kind of craziness they are bringing into this world before everyone else, and all I have to say is WATCH OUT!!! LOL

2. My husband and I both wanted me to stay home so we wouldn't spend the money on daycare.

3. girl age 6, girl age 3, boy age 3mos.

4.We try playdates, but it mostly turns into "I'm gonna sulk on Mommy" time, or I am going to act like a complete moron for no reason.. lol

5.Adult playdates... hmm... does grocery shopping count? lol

6. i have a pathetic little blog that has one entry... i prefer to read other moms blogs instead..

7. i love any kind of diy project! Especially when you reuse something else and make it awesome again!

8.Im from Texas..

9. I try to use coupons on stuff we use a lot of...

From B

1. My fav part is just being there for every part of her growth and development. Watching her grow and change everyday is the most amazing thing to me.
2. I was a teacher for several years and really wanted the opportunity to spend time raising my daughter instead of spending my days with someone elses kids. Also, we were moving 4 hrs away from my family and it was important for me to be able to travel to visit family whenever I wanted to.
3. I have one child, girl, 20 months.
4. I've had a hard time finding playgroups where we live. We go to the library and gymnastics. She's starting music class this summer. We have kids in the neighborhood she plays with every now and then.
5. I haven't made any friends where we are so my adult play dates are when I go back home. Maybe once every month or two.
6. I do not have a blog but think I would like to in the future.
7. I don't have a fav DIY. Unless play dough counts.
8. From Oklahoma, currently live in Kansas.
9. I rarely use coupons.

From A

1.  Knowing my kids are safe and cared for at all times

2.  When dh and I had our first 12 1/2 years ago, I had just gotten out of the military, and he was still in. We decided together that we didn't want our children to go to daycare all day, and that I would stay home and raise them.

3.  : 5; 12 year old girl, 9 year old boy, 7 year old boy, 18 month old girl, 6 month old boy.

4. No

5.  No

6.  No if not would you ever right one or do you read others? Yes, I would, I've thought about making one and I read other peoples blogs when someone posts it or I stumble across it.
7.  I'm not sure what this one means

8.  Michigan
9.  We only have kroger, they send us coupons for their store and we use them, occasionally I will load the ones I will use on my card from their site. We don't get the sunday paper so I don't clip them. Hope this helps a little! I'm not very interesting lol

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  • No real name will be used in this post but mine..

    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Princess B is 1month old

    may 9, 2013

    Miss B is one month old already and it doesn't seem like I had her amonth ago. Things are going good beside the back pain, incision infection and my leg given out when I walk, but other then that life is great. She is eating great and sleeping well also, Now if he brothers would leave her alone she would sleep longer. I know that love her and want to be with her all the time but a girl has to get her beauty sleep!!! :) Miss B already has her daddy wrapped around her finger....( I knew It wouldn't take long). She has gotten so many clothes from everyone she will never wear them all, and I cant wait till I can get her ears pieced..( waiting on first set of shots), Ya I know Im prob weird but oh well. Some people do it right away, I wanna get the ok from her DR first. Miss B has acid reflux as well as her brothers did.( I changed her formula in the hospital because she had started throwing up the day she was born). Dr was ok with it and told me well this isn't your first child and you know what is best for your kids. LOVE my kids DR....It's Miss B's nap time till we meet again  To Be Continued.......

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    New addition to The Richardson Family

    On April 9th 2013, we welcome our precious little princess Brinkley Rae.
    8lbs 5oz and 19.5in long born at 11:50am,

    Her Brothers love her so much
    Me and Miss B
    Miss B isn't to happy....
    Daddy and His Princess

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    My Worst Nightmare

    Well not really sure where to start..I'll start in Nov, we found out we were expecting again # 3  and couldnt be more excited.. Nothing seemed wrong went to 8wks appt to see OB nurse, and was told to come back on Feb 16th. On Feb 13th, I began to spot and i was scared because i had never done this with my other two pregnancies and ive heard everyone is different in fact my first two where the same to a T. First Er trip here we come. Went to Er had blood work, ultrasound and exam done to find out we had miscarried.( totally out of nowhere) One of my favorite shows is 19kids and Counting and see previews for their show where they lost their daughter was running through my head and i had a gut feeling that I was going to be told the samething. Its badthing when you know how to read an ultrasound and know before the US tech can tell you what happened.  All i wanted to do was go home, and didnt care about anything the doc n nurses said nor did i want to believe it. :( So two days after this trip i was going into OB's office to check my HGC levels to make sure they were dropping like that were suppose to be doing, which they were..So i was told we will just check your levels until they are down to zero! So by week 10 i was so done with getting my blood drawn i wanted to scream, Well another unexpected thing happened....(leaving out of the bad details) but started bleeding bad and had to make trip #2 April 20th to the ER by EMS... Had blood work, ultrasound, and IV was told i had a cyst on my right ovary... and that i hadnt fully passed everything and i needed to go to my OB and get it taken care of. Well i decided to get a new OB and i made an appt with her for the following Wednesday April 25th and had blood work, ultrasound done findings were i had a mass in my uterus and also a 6x4 cm cyst ( which had to come out asap is why i was bleeding..) Dr told me that i would have surg the very next morning.. ( scared sh*tless) We were at the hospital the very next morning.. Only day surg, and didnt have to send the night thank the world... So 2wks after my surg i went back to new dr for check and was told i was healing great... and shouldnt have anymore problems.. Well Guess What,,,, I went to the doctor again for pain on my left side Monday June 4th had ultrasound and exam to find out i have a small cyst on my left ovary... So another ultrasound on July 2nd to see how its going...........

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    crappy week or just bad luck

    Crappy week or Just bad luck

    It all started last Monday...We woke up on Bryan's day off to a very hot house. The ac was not working so we called landlord to have someone to come in fix it. Which didn't get fixed till Wednesday! We were grateful that is was fixed and that we were able to be home.

    Wednesday I got a text message from a friend that her dad passed away, :( Was unexpected and wasn't suppose to happen. Praying for you n your family Vanessa.

    Friday Night July 22nd 2011 I went to Vanessa's Dad's visitation. Thinking this would be an end to a very sad/ upsetting week boy was i wrong.

    Saturday july 23rd 2011 we went out with another friend and trying to have a good time and all i could think about How in the world could it be a yr since my dad passed away doesn't seem like it , feels like it happened yesterday. I know he's better now and not suffering anymore about anything. But I miss him more and more everyday.

    Sunday: July 24th 2011
    One yr since my dad passed away!!!!

    I got a call from my mother in law, (the boys had spent the night w her) for me to meet her in town to put up the boys. So on our way back home Jackson wanted to listen to Pa Dude's song...( my dad use to sing karaoke ). So i turned the cd on his friend made me of him singing after he passed away. As i was driving home Jackson started crying and I asked him what was wrong? He said mommy I really miss my Pa Dude, I said baby I miss him to but he's always with you and he lives in your heart. Jackson said well mommy I'll always miss him & Pa Dude was a really good man.. ( The things my son comes up with)!
    So we get home to find a broken ac again... Finally get it fixed and it doesn't broke again!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday. July 26th 2011
    Went to town n meet my mom at the mall to find Jackson a bedspread, he wants a pirate room. So we were on a mission & completed our mission found a bed in a bag.. Jackson picked out a blue, gray n black striped bed spread.
    We were headed to my moms house and guess what happened we were in a wreck, that's right a wreck! We were traveling south on sam houston
    And were hit on drivers side of the car and were pushed up onto the curb by a jeep. Boys were with me in their car seats( thank god for car seats). My shoulder was hurting so Bryan took me to the er to get it checked out had xrays done and nothing broken. So glad we were all ok. Now my car is another story not sure what's wrong with it or how long it will be to fix it.

    Wednesday: Woke up feeling like I got beat up but with out all the bruises. So I went to the doctor to make sure i didn't have any other injuries. Since the er only checked my shoulder. My doc said I'm ok and will be sore for the next few days for sure! Praying that I feel better soon.... I'm very stiff :(

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011