Thursday, May 9, 2013

Princess B is 1month old

may 9, 2013

Miss B is one month old already and it doesn't seem like I had her amonth ago. Things are going good beside the back pain, incision infection and my leg given out when I walk, but other then that life is great. She is eating great and sleeping well also, Now if he brothers would leave her alone she would sleep longer. I know that love her and want to be with her all the time but a girl has to get her beauty sleep!!! :) Miss B already has her daddy wrapped around her finger....( I knew It wouldn't take long). She has gotten so many clothes from everyone she will never wear them all, and I cant wait till I can get her ears pieced..( waiting on first set of shots), Ya I know Im prob weird but oh well. Some people do it right away, I wanna get the ok from her DR first. Miss B has acid reflux as well as her brothers did.( I changed her formula in the hospital because she had started throwing up the day she was born). Dr was ok with it and told me well this isn't your first child and you know what is best for your kids. LOVE my kids DR....It's Miss B's nap time till we meet again  To Be Continued.......

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