Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Worst Nightmare

Well not really sure where to start..I'll start in Nov, we found out we were expecting again # 3  and couldnt be more excited.. Nothing seemed wrong went to 8wks appt to see OB nurse, and was told to come back on Feb 16th. On Feb 13th, I began to spot and i was scared because i had never done this with my other two pregnancies and ive heard everyone is different in fact my first two where the same to a T. First Er trip here we come. Went to Er had blood work, ultrasound and exam done to find out we had miscarried.( totally out of nowhere) One of my favorite shows is 19kids and Counting and see previews for their show where they lost their daughter was running through my head and i had a gut feeling that I was going to be told the samething. Its badthing when you know how to read an ultrasound and know before the US tech can tell you what happened.  All i wanted to do was go home, and didnt care about anything the doc n nurses said nor did i want to believe it. :( So two days after this trip i was going into OB's office to check my HGC levels to make sure they were dropping like that were suppose to be doing, which they were..So i was told we will just check your levels until they are down to zero! So by week 10 i was so done with getting my blood drawn i wanted to scream, Well another unexpected thing happened....(leaving out of the bad details) but started bleeding bad and had to make trip #2 April 20th to the ER by EMS... Had blood work, ultrasound, and IV was told i had a cyst on my right ovary... and that i hadnt fully passed everything and i needed to go to my OB and get it taken care of. Well i decided to get a new OB and i made an appt with her for the following Wednesday April 25th and had blood work, ultrasound done findings were i had a mass in my uterus and also a 6x4 cm cyst ( which had to come out asap is why i was bleeding..) Dr told me that i would have surg the very next morning.. ( scared sh*tless) We were at the hospital the very next morning.. Only day surg, and didnt have to send the night thank the world... So 2wks after my surg i went back to new dr for check and was told i was healing great... and shouldnt have anymore problems.. Well Guess What,,,, I went to the doctor again for pain on my left side Monday June 4th had ultrasound and exam to find out i have a small cyst on my left ovary... So another ultrasound on July 2nd to see how its going...........

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