Sunday, April 25, 2010

4/25/2010 (what a great day)

Today was a great day! Woke up this am Bryan made breakfast (sauage,egg and cheese tacos) yummo!!!!Thanks babe!!! While Parker took a nap Bryan, Jackson and I worked in the yard!!! Bryan weedeated and Jackson & I pulled clover out of the yard...Jackson wanted to "help daddy" but he didn't like the noise from weedeater...After lunch the boys took a nap all three of them, well four tux too..haha...Bryan's parents came over this afternoon to visit and we picked dewberries...There is alot behind our barbwire fence...I can't wait to pick more so I can make a dewberry cobbler!!! Need to call my gran-gran and get her recipe it's awesome!! Grandma's are always great cooks!!!Then Bryan made us a fire ring in the front yard can't wait to build a fire in it ! The boys and I watched him build it but, Jackson helped pack down the dirt, he was so funny saying daddy I help you pl pl please! Bryan made hamburgers for dinner they were awesome... Thanks babe!! Went over to eric's and visited with Melissa while the guys took the trash to town... Kammie and Jackson were chasing each other through the house...All is quite now everyone is sleeping even the dog haha!!! Goodnight everyone, hope everyone had a good weekend !!!
I also found tooth number 3 in parkers mouth today!!! And he is learning to army crawl and getting after it... Look out no stopping mr Parker Wyatt now

Pic above I took in the yard today with my camera hope you enjoy!!!!!!

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