Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bryan doc appt

Friday Bryan had to go to the doctor.. He had been getting dizzy again when sitting up in bed, from even sitting to standing sometimes.. So we thought it might be his bp. So I made him an appt for friday since he was off of work that day. His doctor wasn't in the office that day so he got to see a different one,..His cousin tiff watched the boys for us so that I could go with him.( thanks tiff) The doc said that his bp was fine, she the nurse check it three ways laying down, sitting up and standing! That's was great news! So she gave him meds for the dizzyness and said it sounded like an inner ear imbalance, to see if the meds work and if not then to follow up with his doctor..So we will see.Hoping the meds work and no more doc visits for him in the near furture !!We will keep y'all updated on how the meds are doing...

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