Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Happy Easter..

We decided to have easter at our house again this year because
Easter weekend of 2010 was the last time i saw my dad before he passed away and i didnt want to go anywhere. I just wanted to be home and remember what easter was all about.We invited my mom and Bryan's parents over for lunch. My cousin Jennifer and her girls also came out.. The kids had a blast they got to hunt eggs and play outside with their cousin avery. Parker wasnt really sure what to think about the eggs or even what to do with them. Parker would pick them up and then
through them back down.Jackson & Avery knew what they were doing and they were racing to see who could get the most eggs. We also took a few pics in the tree in our front yard. Jackson wanted to climb in the tree and my mom helped him get up in the tree so i could take a picture of him. Parker didnt want to sit in the tree for any more pictures he was born.. Hope everyone had a great easter. We love you and miss you daddy..

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