Friday, April 1, 2011

Airplane Show

Bryan and Jackson in a plane (shooting at me, is what jackson said anyway)
 This is the plane is got to sit it and pretend to fly
Airplane show at the airport Bryan and I decided to take the boys to see all of the airplanes. People from all over bring their own personal plans. There were war planes, regular planes and even airforce plans... The one that was my favorite was betty jane. Jackson was so excited because we were able to walk through some of the plans. He wanted to go through each plane 100 times if we would let him.. he also got to sit in a single engine plane they use to teach flying lessons...He really likes airplanes and ever since we went he wants to know when the airplanes will be back so he can go and see them again..

Pit of the plane, we couldnt go past the rope jackson wanted to drive it lol
Parker is his stroller taken in all the huge planes...

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