Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day!!!!

We got wake up this moring by Jackson who didnt go to bed until 12:15am, last night well ok this am. Saying I need something to watch, which he does every moring. So i turned on the tv and got up and started getting everything ready to go to Nana & Pa's. The guys are going hunting today. So was getting everything packed up since i have to pack the house to go anywhere. Made some sweet rolls for breakfast...come back in the living room to see Bryan and Parker sitting on the couch watching Tv...
We are Nana's and its so quite because the guys are gone...hunting and Nana, Jackson & Parker are sleeping... Hope everyone has a great day and the guys come back with some deers as bryan would say.. love you hunny!!!!

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  1. The pics of Jackson and Parker there on the left are SOOO freaking cute! Enjoy your silent time!