Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday night

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Bryan and I were outside talking to the guy next door, Jackson came outside right after us and he was playing in the front yard with his wagon and I noticed he didn't put any boots or shoes on...I told him he needed shoes and by the he made it back to house to get them we were going inside, well we were waking up the stairs and he started fussing and we figured he hit his toe on the stairs.. He told us " my foot itches" so I was looking at it and didn't see anything thought maybe an ant bite him, so Bryan looked at it and it was swollen and he said looked like an asp sting. So I called my grandma and asked her what to put on it she said meat tend. And for me to call holly and see what she thought to do...holly said to put chewing tobacco on it, I also called Jackson nurse from dr office and she told me to give him benadrel( didn't have any) so we used bryan's snuff and tynl... It looks little better today but he said it still hurts....

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