Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sewing machine

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Well I have been wanting a sewing machine for awhile, well my husband brought me one for vday.. And I messed with it a bit here and there well Friday I decided I wanted to decorate a burp rag. Had seen people in town with different things on burp rags so I decided to make Parker one and see how it turned out.. Above is the finished one..I made a lil pocket for his paci to go in as well... I'm going to buy some more burp rags and make some more. They were alot easier then I thought.. Also want to try and make matching bibs.. And someday even a blankets for the boys.. I made curtains for the kitchen and saw an idea on tv to use crib sheets to make curtains in parker's room...I'm starting to like this sewing thing.. Well the easy stuff that is....

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