Friday, January 1, 2010

Bryan's Dirt Bike 12/23/2009

On the Wednesday Before Christmas Bryan and Joseph were riding four wheeler and the dirt bike....Rebecca and I were on the porch with Jackson and Parker..Jackson was playing with his toys and Rebecca(Nana) was holding Parker. Then all of a sudden we heard something that sounded like a Gun Shot....Not thinking anything of it because we are in the country...Joseph came back up to the house on the four to tell us that Bryan had wrecked the Dirt Bike, we asked him if Bryan was ok and he said he was bleeding. So, me (not thinking) Ran up the road instead of getting in my car... I got to him and he was pretty messed up..He didnt want to go to the hospital said he was fine. Which he wasnt fine, he was bleeding from his face, hands & legs. We got him in Rebecca's car and she stayed here with the boys as i took him to the hospital. Johnny (Pa) meet us there. Bryan got 7 stiches in his left eye and 5 staples in his left leg...he had a cut on his left hand, and 6 holes in his left leg... road rash all over his body..Left Foot Big toe and the one next to it where cut and swollen.The only thing that saved the top half of him was his DISCOUNT TIRE HOODIE... Thanks for that HOODIE...and of course the first chance he got he went back to work. On 12/26/2009...

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  1. Hey Krystyn: this picture makes me very sad everytime I look on your blog,
    please post something like my babies pictures please.
    Love ya, Mom/Nana