Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parker is 12 days old

Jackson and Parker in there matching outfits
Parker has been doing great.. He is now drinking 3oz at a time..I call him my little lizard because his skin is peeling, mostly his i put lotion on him all the time...He doesnt like to take a bath(unlike his brother who loves to take a bath). I'm looking for parker a baby bed...We are thinking about buying him a new one...Because Jackson's baby bed turns into a toddler bed/ day bed and i'm thinking about using that for him....So i have been looking online for the best deal on a baby bed.. Also been looking for a dresser for parker as well. Jackson is using my dad's dresser from when he was a baby...and jackson's dresser is full...Parker is now eating every 3 1/2 -4 hrs. Hopefully 3oz will work for him for a while.. I finally found a bottle that he will drink out of. I've tired 3 different ones so far.. He was drinking out of the ones that the hospital gives you just fine, So i decided to change him to the avent (well he didnt like that one ) so we went to playtex and that one didnt do either... He got the soothie paci from the hospital so i decided to go and buy the soothie bottles and he has taken to him just fine...Parker is also in newborn diapers and newborn clothes and both are huge on him...I'm hoping he will grow a little to wear some of his clothes will fit...Jackson is taken to him very well....He wants to help me with him and im letting him do as much as he can.. he wants to carry parker which is not going to happen..HAHA...We will be in Victoria on the weekend of Nov 7th for my b-day and we are staying at bryan's parents house...

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