Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oct 11th -Oct 13th

hello everyone,For thoses of you that didnt know Parker was in the hospital from oct 11-oct 13th..(sun-tues) It all started sunday afternoon, my dad had come over to see the boys...i had feed parker about 145pm and he threw up everywhere after i put him in his bouncer. I didnt think anything about it just thought he might of ate alittle to much...Well at his next feeding he being to gasp for air while he was eating and then he would spit out his milk. so we decided to take him in to the clinic because he was breathing right and we were worried about him, So at the clinic we told them what was going on and they wanted to see him eat so we feed him there and he did the same thing again so, the doc at the clinic decided to put us in Discoll's Hospital.. we get to the hospital and all checked in at 2am, they take blood and urine and did a flu and rsv test, WHICH ALL CAME OUT NEG.which was a blessing but we still didnt know what was going on with him.The only thing the doctors, nurses and speech therapist told us was that it could be his bottles being to big...Or that it could be that his throat muscles are under developed because he was 6 days early, Also he could of been up to 2 weeks early because they could of been off on my due date..We were also told to slow him down when he eats, burp him every 1/2 oz or so. They changed his bottles back to the hospital bottles.. He didnt have any problems while we were in the hospital because they had his bed elevated.we got home from the hospital on tues at 4pm.He threw up tuesday night and wednesday moring.So we made a call to his pedi doctor yesterday and she called back and wanted to see him right away, so we took him in, the doctor said he has ACID REFLUX, gave him meds for it and ordered an upper Gi and we have to take him to the hospital friday for his PKU.... That is the Update on MR PARKER....just wanted to let yall all knowMe: i have been feeling like i have a hot pan on my stomach so i called my doctor thursday and she wanted to see me on friday , We into the doctor and i have a blood clot/ hematoma in my stomach above my incision and was given antibiocs and was told to rest.. easier said then done...hopefully the meds work...if not i have to call her back and go back to the doctor.....

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