Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Houston Aquarium 4/12/2011

Bryan & I surpirsed the boys with a trip to Houston Aquarium. Jackson was so excited when we got there he could hardley stand having to wait to get out of the car.. So we loaded up the strollers and we were off. When we first got there we were hoping Jackson would stay in his stroller, haha thats so funny that didnt happen...The first thing we got to see was a huge fish tank, jackson wanted to know how he could feed the fish.. our answer was he couldnt feed them because the workers there can only feed them. So we started going through the aquarium and we came to a room where a huge ship will was and he thought he was really driving the ship.. i think that was hes favorite part. Here are a few pictures below of the inside of the aquarium. They had all kinds of animals..

  Daddy n Jackson looking at huge fish tank


  jackson found a boat to go fishing in, well just to take a pic in

  Parker was watching the gators in the tank

Here are all of our pics in the scuba suit

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