Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 5 of sick babies

Well last night everyone slept but me, I'm back to were I cant sleep again. (who knows why).My brain needs a OFF switch. Hopefully the Meds will work on the boys pretty soon. Parker & Jackson both coughed pretty much alll day. Parker slept almost all day, he went to sleep last night at 8:00pm and wake up at 8:30am gave him his meds, tired to get him to eat that didn't happen... I asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep and he signed Yes ! Then he sleep from about 9:00-3:45pm and to add to Parker not feeling good his cutting 4 teeth at once!. Jackson was up pretty much all day, all he wanted to eat was spiderman popsicles, I think he ate 3, he had fever so I was trying to get down. Between tynl, breathing treatments and antibiotics and cough meds! Hoping they kick in soon!!!

Above picture is the boys laying on ( as Jackson would say gan-gan couch) My grandmother(my Dad's mom) got new couch & chair, she called to see if we wanted her old ones & of course I said yes. I've always loved that couch & chair...

Gran-gran called today to check on us well the boys and I told her everything that went on this weekend... Basically I told her cleaning noses, giving meds, putting babies down for naps....

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