Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I feel in love with Scentsy candles. I ordered a plug in a while back it's red to match my kitchen! So when I was able to have my own basket party I decided to have one... They basically sell them selfs!
The warmer above is a medium size warmer named Wrangler! There is so many scents to choose from. Scentsy has packs to place in bedrooms in dresser, under the bed or where ever you want! I got two scent packs put one in each one of the boys room smells like Nursery. Was very excited I was still able to get that scent, I was told is wasn't available anymore. I can't wait to have another party.

Scentsy is flame, and non toxic!!! New warmers coming out all the time... There are even football team warmers! Any questions about Scentsy. Please feel free to email me and I can get in touch with my consultant from Scentsy!!!!

Everyone have a very merry christmas

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