Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jackson & Lilly

We got our new puppy Lilly yesterday, Jackson wanted to hold her in his wap(lap). So I had to take a picture. All he wants to do is carry her around. Parker isn't to sure what to think about her.. One second he likes her and the next he runs away from her.

Now tux (our rat terrier ) that's another story. He was smelling her when we got home as long as she was in her kennel tux was ok with her. Once I let her out tux tired to eat her face! So I popped his hiney and told him to leave Lilly alone. He looked at me like really I cant eat her. Haha....

First night home wasnt to bad, she cried alittle because she's use to having four other bro & Sis, with her. I decided to get her a stuffed animal might make her feel better...Hoping she sleeps tonight!!!!

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