Saturday, July 3, 2010

Went to visit gran-gran

Today we went over to visit gran gran. She has been having mice troubles, so we went to check on her to see if she caught any. Still no luck! She has put out glue traps, regular snap traps and hasn't caught anything but some mice hair on the glue trap... Well when we got there Jackson went straight for the toy closet and had to take everything out of the closet. I helped her put up the vacum so parker wouldn't try and eat the cord...We got started talking about "cooking " and " her recipes", I wrote a few of her recipes and can't wait to try and make them...grandma's always have the best food! As I was standing in the kitchen holding Parker, he was looking out the kitchen window so I put him in the sink. He trying to turn on the water and dang the cup around that was in the sink! He finally stood up in the sink to look out the window... ( above picture trying to turn on water) Gran gran was telling me stories about my dad and grandpa kendrick...I love to listen to the stories from when my
Dad was little and all the things he use to do and all the things he would get into....great memories!!!!!

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