Monday, July 5, 2010

Parker's first July 4th/ Jackson's 3rd

We sat in discount tire parking lot, because they had the fireworks behind the mall this year! Rory & Kathy invited us to come before fireworks, Jackson & Bryan went swimming for a bit before we went up to the store to watch the fireworks...I wasn't sure how Parker would do once the fireworks started he was almost asleep, but when they started he woke right up and had to watch them, Jackson sat in my lap alittle to watch the rest of the time he was going up to everyone saying "you see they pretty pop pops" ! He wanted everyone to know they were pretty I guess... I had fun after my headache went away, thanks to shi for gettin me some meds for it, ( I also took advantage of being at the shop) above picture of Parker sitting on tires in Rory's showroom, tried to take pictures of Jackson and he wasn't having it :( !

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