Thursday, June 17, 2010

Went to visit gran-gran

Tuesday afternoon my mom came out to the house and then we went to see my grandma who lives down the road about 5miles... When we get there we go in the house and she isn't in the house and Jackson calling her gran-gran and then he looks at me and says momma gran-gran not home, i told him well she might be outside with the chickens well he got all excited and wanted to go see the chicken and of course that's were she was...She had just gathered the eggs before we got there..., but we got to see the little genies she has.. (above picture is gran-gran holding one of them)....So after seeing the chicken we went in the house and Jackson pulled all the toys out of the closet and brought them to the living room for him and Parker to play!!!!! That was short lived Parker was having fun trying to get into pups kennel...(my grandma's dog), we also had come banana cake she had made, yummo!!!!

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