Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We drove over to cuero to visit a friend and then we decided to drive to Cheapside,Texas. It's a ghost town and people have said it's haunted...So we went to check it out..When we get there I come to find out that I don't have my memory chip in my camera...So the hundreds of pictures I wanted to take was short lived...Just another excuse to go back.. There were a few houses that we found and a church... The old school house.And the wooden bridge.. Bryan and Galen were walking over it and I told then watch someone might be under bridge ( they didn't think that was very funny) but I did... It was a great country drive and I would of loved to take more pictures.. Also there was a fire which once was a house we were thinking and looked like it had just burned down and weird part no one has lived in that area for a long time!

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