Monday, November 9, 2009

My 26th Birthday

Bryan and I decided to go Home for my b-day...So we went to Victoria and Whitney(bryan's old boss' daughter) went out with us to the new club in victoria "cowgirls".We also meet a few people there. It's a pretty nice club/bar.We even saw a few people we hadnt seen in a while and people that didnt even know we were living in Corpus. They are 2 stories and even have a dance floor upstairs.They have live bands that play there are times too. But last night it was only the DJ.It was a great birthday thanks to everyone that was there to help me celebrate. Last night was the first time i left Parker since he was born, I thought about him the whole time we were gone... We stayed the weekend with Bryan's parents and they keep the boys so that we could go out...(Thanks for Keeping The Boys)....

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